Our story

This story of entrepreneurship and love for tourism began in 2019 with a young couple passionate about nature, Leila and Carlos, who chose Puerto Rico as the perfect destination to celebrate their wedding and enjoy a wonderful honeymoon. They had a clear idea of what they wanted: to combine their love of nature with the thrill of exploring the territory on wheels, waking up to the sound of the sea and surrounded by the tranquility offered by the island’s wonderful landscapes, so they set out to travel to every corner of Puerto Rico, and what better way to do it than in a camper van.

To their surprise, they discovered that there was no company specialized in offering vehicle rental services with the features the couple was looking for. It was at this moment that Leila and Carlos realized they had a great business opportunity in front of them.

Thus, with an entrepreneurial spirit and the vision to create something unique, they decided they would not only enjoy their wedding and honeymoon but also fulfill the dream of founding a business that would fill the hearts of many adventurers with the excitement of exploring Puerto Rico in a completely new way.

So, in 2019, Leila and Carlos got to work and founded the first company dedicated exclusively to the rental of camper vans in the Caribbean; they faced many obstacles, as it was a new business model, which made it even more challenging, and it was quite a challenge to make themselves known in a market that was unfamiliar with how the service worked.

But nothing stopped these dreamers, who with passion, effort, and determination managed to get their first camper vans to begin the modification process. They were not only architects of a dream but builders of a reality that gradually materialized. They designed their website and created an easy-to-use booking platform so that future adventurers could plan their trips simply and safely.

Their hard work and dedication began to bear fruit and little by little, the small venture grew. Social networks were filled with photos and reviews from excited travelers who had had the unique experience of touring Puerto Rico in a camper van. The news spread quickly, and Leila and Carlos began to receive more and more rental requests.

Over time, the fleet of camper vans expanded, and the small venture became a profitable business that grew exponentially. Excited by the success of their work, the couple decided to expand and offer different types of vehicles to suit the needs of each customer, from the most adventurous looking for an off-road experience to those who wanted a more comfortable and luxurious option.

The camper vans became a success, not only among tourists visiting Puerto Rico but also among Puerto Ricans themselves who wanted to live a unique experience on their own island. This led Leila and Carlos to expand their business to other islands in the Caribbean, bringing the thrill of freedom on wheels to new lands, offering more people the opportunity to explore the beauty of the region in an authentic way and in direct contact with nature.

Thus, what began as the dream of a couple became a thriving company that changed the way many people experienced Puerto Rico. Leila and Carlos proved that with vision, passion, and determination, any dream can become a reality, and their camper van rental business would continue to be a testament to their love for adventure and their desire to create unforgettable experiences for all those who dare to explore the world in a different way.