San Juan, Puerto Rico

About Us


Vive La Van is a transportation and accommodation concept founded in November 2019 that allows you to move around and explore the island at your own pace with the comforts you can find in any hotel room. It is a unique option in which you can venture through the mountains or coasts of Puerto Rico creating memories and insurmountable moments.


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Click on “book now” and select the van of your choice. Then click on “book” and select the dates of your adventure.

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Contact us through Airbnb chat to agree on time and place of delivery.


Challenge the limits of traditional camping and experience the freedom of VanLife.

Omar Reyes

Tuve un fin de semana espectacular con mi pareja gracias a Vive la Van. Durante la estadía tuvimos la oportnidad de ir al Auto Cine Santa en Arecibo y tener un date con mi novia. Una noche bajo el cielo estrellado en una de nuestras playas favoritas Punta Boriquen en Aguadilla. Snorkeling en Crash Boat y un sunset de película en Playuela. Pudimos ver las ballenas en Rincón y comer en lugares riquísmos. Todo esto en un fin de semana INCREÍBLE. La experiencia fue genial teníamos bañera, cocina, ducha para cada vez que salíamos de la playa, BBQ y una vista espectacular en donde quiera que dormíamos. Sin duda espero que se repita.

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Maria del Mar Mercado

This Van is AMAZING!!! Beautifully designed, clean, spacious and very cozy. Enjoying the van for a weekend in Puerto Rico made me want to have one of my own. It’s just perfect, a hotel on wheels. I would definitely recommend Vive La Van to anyone who wants to have a different and unique experience in Puerto Rico.

Marcus Fields
Creative Heads Inc.

Vive la Van is a dream on wheels! Camp worry free in the most amazing spots this island has to offer. You only need to bring some clothes and the desire to have an amazing time, the rest is in the van. Get ready to have an experience you will never forget. Thanks Vive la Van!

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