Frequently asked

Do we recommend spots to visit / stay overnight?

Yes, when the client completes the reservation, we send a list of spots around the island, some are public, others are private with an extra fee. We have private spots at Finca Viernes in Utuado and at Hidrorgánica Farm in Río Grande.

Is there a mileage limit?

No. There is no mileage limit. Our island is one and we want you to explore it!

Can I visit Vieques and Culebra?

No, you cannot.

How is the pick up schedule?

Pickup time for the van is at 2:00 pm. Special cases are handled individually.
The van is not delivered at night.

How is the delivery schedule?

Delivery time for the van is 10:00 am. Special cases are handled individually.
The van is not received at night or early morning.

What should I do if an accident occurs?

In the event of a serious accident, contact 911 directly for immediate assistance, your safety is always the most important.
After any type of incident contact us at (917) – 362-6302 / (347) -891-8772 as soon as possible.
For standard problems like changing tires or dead batteries, we have roadside assistance.

Does the van includes toilet? How does it work?

Yes, the van includes a portable toilet. At the time of delivering the van, we will teach you how to use it.

What happens if the water in the tank runs out?

The tank capacity is 30 gallons of water. With good management, it is enough for a weekend trip for 2 people. In the event that it runs out, you can fill it up again at most of the gas stations around the island, also in some of our private spots..

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