Toro verde

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Family package

The family package is for 4 people, includes in a single day, 1 combo per person, 4 combos in total, and a unique $50 coupon redeemable at the restaurants for the 4 people. YOU MUST ARRIVE AT THE PARK BETWEEN 8:00 AM AND 1:00 PM. Available for a limited time. You can repeat the same Combo and choose up to a maximum of 4 of the following combos:


Toro pass

A limited-time offer, it includes activities such as Monstruo, La Bestia, and the Zip lines, all to be completed in one day of extreme adventure.


El Monstruo

The longest zip line in America, with a cable of 2.5km (2530m, 8300ft, 1.57mi), equivalent to 28 football fields. A unique experience in the world, which begins the moment we equip you with your flight gear and then take you to the launch tower where you will finally come face to face with the most thrilling attraction on the Island. Here, you will reach speeds of up to 95mph at a height of over 380m above the ground.


Toro Bike


Certified by the “Guinness World Record”. Pedal on a bicycle adapted to a zip line cable. This activity provides an alternative for the enjoyment of the whole family. The tour consists of 2 platforms, exclusively designed to interact with our mountainous area, offering an impressive view of the island’s north coast. It has the capacity for 4 bicycles simultaneously. Two stations of different lengths with a maximum of 326 meters.

It is the world’s longest bicycle circuit on a cable.